Letting go of Shame for weight loss




Feeling bad about your size may be sabotaging your attempts to shape up. 

Take a second to think about your body. Are you happy in your skin? If you’d like to lose weight, thinking about your figure may be an uncomfortable experience.

Being reminded that your waist is wider than you’d like or the number on the scales is higher than you want can sap your confidence and lead to feelings of failure and shame, these negative emotional states then increase cortisol and adrenalin, which make it harder to loose weight as well as create further negatives states and lower self-esteem.

Triggering a reward centre in the brain to crave unwanted foods thus, poor eating habits can be observed.

Letting go of shame, maintaining a positive and realistic mindset is key to positive long term change and weight loss.

Please listen to this Audio file with ear phones in as you will miss the left to right ear sequences when listening opening without.

Please do not listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery, it is best to listen to this Audio at the end of the day, before bedtime. If you do fall asleep this is fine, please continue to listen again the following night as repetition is key.

This is a 60 minute Audio



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