Dip Clin Hyp, Professional Trainer of Hypnosis, Master NLP & Time Line Therapy (TM) , Certified Coach (Business and Life) Hypnobirthing (TM) Practitioner Fitness Instructor, Remedial Massage therapist.

Amanda is a qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist® and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist,Business, Health and Life Coach who specialises in health and emotional coaching, both in practice and commercially. Her natural ability and passion for life, coupled with comprehensive training in human behavior, nutrition, natural therapies and emotional intelligence delivers congruent results obtained to date.

She is dedicated, focused and absolutely committed to assisting you and or your child strive toward your maximum potential – physically, personally, emotionally and spiritually.  Her coaching style is relaxed and supportive, allowing natural development in a confidential environment. Amanda’s clients receive undivided attention, the highest integrity and Information, she guarantees to serve, support and nurture her clients along the path to discovery and successful resolution.

Amanda’s passions are health and vitality, balanced lifestyle and the empowerment of a positive life by helping children and adults discover who they truely are, their true inner strengths whilest understanding the deep structures of their personality and the root cause of emotional reactions. 

Amanda guarantees her clients will experience lots of fun and laughter along the way. Helping them see the brighter and lighter side of the presenting problem. To find out more about how Amanda may be able to help please feel free to ring and organise your initial free consultation.

To find out about her unique programs for self esteem, bullying and physical and mental trauma, anxiety/stress and chronic pain reduction, weight reduction, Sleeping problems, Fears and Phobias, Hypnobirthing and many more.

Amanda has dealt with many conditions associated with stress especially PTSD and physical conditions brought on by stress anxiety, such as Headaches, chronic fatigue, thyroid/adrenal function, unexplained pain and past trauma.

To find out more to book a free initial consultation contact her today on 0420822797

What People Say

Hello Amanda,
Hoping you are well! 
I seem to be finally sleeping much better and not nearly as itchy, so this is a good thing!

A Later

You are very pure of heart and mind. Lol, I feel safe in your hands 🙂 thank you for putting me in the right direction.
Thanks again for giving so much.

J. K. Rowling R Bartalimo

OMG read the story to little B last night and she LOVED it and said you should put it in a book!

You write beautifully and the story worked a treat.  B talked about it all the way to school this morning and how it made her feel safe and relaxed.  I asked her “when you are feeling stressed, do you think you can remember the Beach of carefree and how it makes you feel?” and she said “oh yes, I’m thinking of it right now!  It’s a beach in Fiji and I’m there with you and daddy”

S Vidler

Let’s build something together.

Location Malua Bay, NSW 2536 Phone 0420822797 E-mail baymindcoach@gmail.com Hours Tues 9-12am Wed 9-12am Friday 9-12am Saturday 2-4.30pm
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