Sleep Disturbances Children

We all know the benefits of gaining a good night’s sleep, especially the effects this can have on our child’s mood and behavior. Many studies have been done that illustrate how sleep disturbances and deprivation can negatively affect the emotional and behavioral status, learning capabilities and memory of a child.

We were brought up thinking that children have to go to bed early to be able to concentrate at school and be alert, With little regard to the quality of sleep the children were attaining, it is noted that many children have difficulty getting to sleep and will often wake frequently throughout the night, resulting in a poor quality of sleep. Stress, worry and a number of other factors may be at play when assessing why this is happening for many of our kids. (not to mention playing video games before bed)

However once this cycle of poor sleep begins it continues to often spiral affecting other areas of the child’s life. The correlation between how tired a child is in the morning, seems to be connected with poor school achievement and the more difficulty a child has at being motivated and retaining information at school. This behavior can result in the child being labeled as slow, or disruptive. Further compounded by the reactions of family, friends, teachers etc, resulting in higher stress levels for the child and a negative experience/attitude towards school and learning.

The more stress a child can place on themselves can then again affect how your child sleeps and the frequency they awake at night, the more tired they feel the next morning, the more stress throughout the day and the more difficulty they have on falling asleep and the cycle continues.

Concluding that inadequate sleep in children caused by fragmented sleep, sleep deprivation or poor quality of sleep can result in difficulties with focused attention, irritability, emotional instability and a low threshold for frustration and distress.

Hypnotherapy and NLP may help with a child’s stress’s and emotional responses that are affecting the sleep cycle, allowing a deeper quality of sleep, positively impacting their behavior, learning & memory capabilities and emotional stability.     

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