Hypnobirthing Positive Birth Program (TM)

A comprehensive Positive Birthing Program for parents and birthing partners.

Ones entrance into the world is the biggest day in a parents and babies life, It should be empowering.

There is a deep inner power that comes to women in the process of growing and birthing a baby,

Through knowledge support and preparation, Trust believe and breath in,

The miracle worker you are.

What is Hypnobirthing and how it can help.

Hypnobirthing is a scientifically researched logical birthing education course that teaches parents about birth and the interaction of hormones and the effects they play on the birthing process, it also teaches self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to encourage a positive birthing experience for mother and child. It has been studied that the areas a mother to be often feels most fearful of during and leading up to her birth are

  • Fear of the birthing process being uncertain and unpredictable
  • Fear for potential harm or death of the baby
  • Fear of intensity of pain
  • Fear of harm to self

By giving our clients tools to deal with these fears we feel our course is the most thorough and effective for experiencing a positive childbirth, it does this by helping the mother to feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared towards her impending birth, It also focuses on her preparation and education thus reducing fear and anxiety during around her pending childbirth.

Although amazingly beneficial for first time mothers, Hypnobirthing is still extremely effective on second and subsequent birthing events and we often get many mums coming back for our refresher courses prior to their other births. Hypnobirthing focuses on the most up to date scientifically based education regarding birth incorporating all other elements that have shown to also have scientifically beneficial outcomes. Although the wording Hypnobirthing seems anything but scientific you can be rest assured that the content taught throughout is of the highest standard.

Relax and Let go!

It has been researched that by using alternative elements together such as smell, music, touch, visulisation, positive thinking and words to relax the body and dispel fears that there are positive effects in not only pain reduction, but also in maternal and fetal outcomes, showing evidence of lowered medical intervention, lowered heart rate and blood pressure for mother and child and a lowered need for analgesic during and 24 hours post birth. Hypnobirthing is supportive of all models of care and at the end of the day we feel a parent that is educated and prepared for birth is more likely to make positive choices with positive outcomes.

Hours Tues 9-12am Wed 9-12am Friday 9-12am Saturday 2-4.30pm
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