Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

Life is an all exciting chapter as a child develops, with every new experience creating potentially long term influences on a child’s model of the world. Spending time developing your child’s skills in understanding emotions and behavioral response is key to successfully blooming their potential.

Effective communication includes not only listening to your child but also being aware of the tone, pitch and body language being used at the same time. The most valuable gift you can give your child is the time to listen deeply to them regardless of how busy you are at the time. 

Teaching and encouraging communication with your child will insure that effective skills are developed at an early age which may have positive effects on relationships and learning for your child’s future. Our children are little sponges, active listening is a skill and the best place to learn begins at home with adult guidance and supervision. 

How are your communication skills?

Behavioral Issues!

Goals of Self managed behavioral control can take time if your child is not willing to make a change themselves, telling a child to change generally falls on deaf ears. Parents are often left in a state of frustration wasting time in repeating themselves over and over again, feeling that their children are not only not listening but deliberately being naughty.

Yet time is better spent empowering a child to make decisions and learn from these experiences with guidance and supervision. Do we really want children to do what they are told by acting in a way to gain approval from their adult surroundings and behave in another way whilst unsupervised?

Or do we want our children to make informed decisions based on their own guided learning’s and behavioral management, that they can apply even whilst unsupervised?

Keep in mind that children are decision makers – Creating an environment where children are encouraged to make choices and are actively involved in planning activities can lead them toward developing self management, self confidence, and problem solving skills. Whilst understanding children’s development and providing careful guidance of their behavior, only then can we see the true benefits of change.

As a parent, taking responsibility for your own communication and behavior can be the pivotal point of change for your child’s behavior. With one on one coaching on how to manage your language and communication with your children we are able to make positive steps to change.

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