Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is designed to create an altered state of consciousness which stimulates the relaxation response and enables the mind to become suggestible. This allows the creative parts of the brain to play with the suggested images thus altering the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and the intuitive perceptions which, in turn, stimulates change.

Hypnosis is  effective in creating change in certain repetitive behaviours including: smoking, weight loss, stress reductions, motivation, relationship problems and pain management, grief processing

Quit smoking

Finally kick the habit, Stop easily without withdrawal, Hypnosis is an effective way to  make real and lasting changes in your life. The mind has many parts and aspects, but there are two parts that are useful to note right now; the conscious and the subconscious

Hypnosis strengthens the subconscious to make positive life long decisions and letting go of the suppression behavioural aspects covered with the smoking.

Virtual gastric banding and weight loss

Obesity costs the Australian government Billions per year and there are a number of treatments already available for the treatment of this none of which deal specifically with the psychological triggers that cause a person to gain weight.

Feedback shows that hypnotherapy is like flicking a switch in the brain, turning off the cravings and eating only until satisfied. Not suitable for anyone that has experienced any major trauma

Time Line Therapy (TM):

Is  a methodology which involves a regression type process addressing a series of negative emotions  and limiting decisions . These normally arise from traumatic events from the past, allowing the unconscious to resolve the emotional trauma and loosen its grip on the event , Clients are then able to easily make positive changes for their future in the areas being addressed. Discovering the root cause of the problem is the key

Stress  reduction

Hypnosis is renowned for its ability to help people  reduce stress and cope better with stressful situations. Many people suffer stress, whether they’re worried about finances, relationships, employment, health or other looses. Stress affect everyone at some point in time, however when stress becomes long term it can have detrimental affects on ones heath. Our brain may get in a habit of repeating negative thoughts and emotions which perpetuate stress,  research shows that many heart attacks and strokes are stress related. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in helping your mind and body return to a relaxed and comfortable state. 

Chronic Pain reduction

Chronic Pain  has many debilitating effects on ones life, Emotional Pain can cause chronic pain and can be reversed with hypnosis. Dr.Sarno a professor attending spinal injuries at the rehabilitation centre in New York has called this expression of pain Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) this is where stress manifests in stressed muscles and presents as pain. Having worked with people with Chronic back pain for years  I have found often a complete resolution within one session,  Although the pain appears very real it was being initiated by emotion. Once the emotion is exposed  patients have found permanent relief to their amazement.

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