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What is Bruxism and How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Before we dive into the hypnotherapy part, let’s talk about what bruxism and TMJ are first for clarity’s sake. Bruxism is commonly a stress induced condition distinguished by jaw clenching and grinding of the teeth, especially while sleeping. Continual grinding and clenching can cause dental damage, jaw pain, and may even lead to chronic headaches, affecting your quality of life.

How Can Bruxism Develop?

It’s theorized by doctors and psychologists that bruxism is strongly connected with stress and anxiety. If you tend to clench your jaw or grind your teeth while under stress (a form of bruxism itself) this may carry over into your subconscious sleeping habits, a habit of holding onto the stress and replaying the condition of it again at night.

Stress and Anxiety: Estimated that 70% of cases of bruxism can be linked to stress and anxiety.

Tension: Tying in with stress and anxiety, tension doesn’t go away once you fall asleep, especially if you are prone to tension headaches or a tight clenched jaw (when you’re awake).

Intense Focus: An example would be studying for an exam, and you end up chewing on the end of a pencil when you are intensely focused. This type of bruxism’s residual effects can carry over into sleep. Getting things done quickly and the undue stress and strain that this can create at an unconscious level.

Lifestyle Factors: Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, caffeine, and drug use have been guessed to cause bruxism or make it worse.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Bruxism has no known “cure,” as it is a psychological condition believed to be created through stress and tension. Meaning there is no on your medication or pill that can be prescribe that will encourage it to go away. There are things you can do to alleviate the root causes and, in some cases, may minimize the physical symptoms the condition creates. Becoming consciously aware of your states and habits is just the beginning.

Since bruxism is clearly an unconscious habit, hypnotherapy is a logical treatment option. Through hypnosis, your hypnotherapist can tackle the root cause of bruxism by teaching techniques to help you manage your stress, become calmer, and help develop a more positive mindset. Hypnotherapy can address the real underlying cause and not just the symptoms.

This Audio file is designed to allow a deeper level of relaxation to take place throughout the day and offers three processes to deal with and stop Bruxism all within the comfort of your own how.

Should you fall asleep throughout the Audio this is completely fine and we suggest listening to it at night each day for 7 days or as often as you can.


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